With Editorial Director Lisa Gabor, created the Journal section of Skagen.com, the site for a watch and accessories business that is the newest and fasting growing division at Fossil (FOSL). Developed a content plan and editorial structure. Initially, determined subjects to cover, developed an editorial calendar and created effective story formats. On an ongoing basis, publish approximately 25 stories per season. Oversee the process in its entirety, from deciding seasonal topics to assigning, editing text, photo editing, designing pages and all CMS production. Create international as well as mobile versions.

Developed company brand language across the e-commerce site, email, social posts, look books, catalogs and social campaigns. Oversee all SEO-friendly product language and assist with product naming. Edit UGC and Pinterest imagery to align with brand voice.

Provide editorial direction and sequential storytelling to position each season’s product line. Work with marketing and PR to create seasonal press release and brand cast text.